The Victoria Foundation is committed to creating a food secure region where all people have access to healthy, affordable and culturally appropriate food. The Food Security Fund’s purpose is to improve regional food security through leadership activities and support for food access, food literacy and local food production. The current focus is funding for various initiatives including the Food Rescue Project, the securing of warehouse space, incubation and development of food-based social enterprises, and food skills training and employment.

Curious what types of organizations this fund supports?

Your gift to a Community Action Fund between January and May will be distributed through Victoria Foundation’s trusted granting program – the Community Grants Program.

Contributions made between June and December will be distributed into the community based on available granting fund balances and community needs within each cause area. For more information on how granting decisions are made from the Community Action Funds, contact our team.

Want to learn more about local organizations?

Visit our Vital People page to hear the stories of people and organizations working on local issues. You can also visit our What’s New page to stay up to date on Victoria Foundation initiatives.

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Visit our main Community Action Funds page to learn more about our other funds.

This Fund supports the following Sustainable Development Goals:


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