Did you know you have Will Power?

Will Power is a campaign to make gifts in Wills the social norm. The goal: to inspire $40B in gifts to charities by 2030.

Only 5% of Canadians leave a gift in their Will to charity. While 86% of Canadians know they can make a charitable gift in their Will, 63% say they aren’t interested because they fear a gift to charity will mean their loved ones have less. Most don’t consider the option because they do not believe it possible to support both charity and family in their Will.

Through the planning advice that you offer, you know this can be done. It can be as simple as providing for a small percentage of the client’s estate to be left to charity or more complex, involving designations of life insurance policies or retirement savings plans.

Making gifts in Wills the social norm is something no one entity can do alone. It requires collective effort – by financial advisors, by lawyers, by charities, and by families talking about it.

Research shows that clients want to engage in the philanthropic conversation with their advisors when planning their estate. All of this is also good for business – talking about philanthropy is good for your clients, for the community and for your business.

This is where Will Power comes in. Join us and find out more about this national public awareness campaign of the Canadian Association of Gift Planners. By giving even a small portion of one’s estate to charity, your clients can make a significant impact on the causes they care about, and still support those they love. Working together with you, we can help them do both.

Learn more about how the Victoria Foundation can help you help your clients reach their philanthropic goals.