Black history and fostering diversity and inclusion in Greater Victoria

Silvia Mangue Alene, president of the BC Black History Awareness Society, joins host Lucky Budd for episode 10 of the Vital Victoria Podcast. They talk about Silvia’s journey to Victoria, from being born in Africa to growing up in Spain and coming to Canada. Silvia recounts growing up as a black child in Spain and the experience of moving to London, seeing black people and the power of “being invisible.” She touches on what steps we as society can take to foster a more inclusive Victoria, how you can learn about Black history in Victoria and B.C., what it means to truly believe in diversity, and much more. 

Vital Signs Issue Area

Sustainable Cities and communities make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. In Greater Victoria’s 2022 Vital Signs Report, survey participants gave ‘Belonging and Engagement’ a B- grade (see pages 12 to 13). This issue is connected to Sustainable Development Goal 10 and 11: Reduced Inequalities and Sustainable Cities and Communities. 

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Episode 10 Guest 

Silvia Mangue Alene – Silvia Mangue Alene holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a major in Human Resources from Camosun College and a post-graduate diploma in Intercultural Education from the University of Victoria and a Certificate in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion from Cornell University. 

Silvia is the co-founder and president of Kulea Culture Society, which purpose is to raise awareness about and reduce discrimination and stereotyping by engaging respect for equity, diversity and inclusion through education, information, consultation, programs, conferences, cross-cultural exchanges and research. 

Silvia is also the president of the BC Black History Awareness Society an organization that educates, disseminates and supports Black British Columbians’ achievements in past, present, and future. Bringing together diverse groups of people who have an interest in promoting education and learning about British Columbia and Canada’s Black History. 

Silvia currently works at the City of Victoria’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion office since June 2021.  

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