This Fund supports the following Sustainable Development Goals:

The Arts and Culture Fund is for you if you’re interested in supporting a diverse mix of cultural offerings in our community. The fund’s purpose is to enhance initiatives and events, such as art exhibits, dance and theatre performances, public lectures, music education, heritage restoration, emerging artists and musicians, library programs, cultural events, and more.

What types of organizations benefit from this fund?

Your donations to the Arts and Culture Fund are given to theatres, museums, galleries, dance companies, libraries, and choirs, and many more.

Your gifts to a Community Action Fund help organizations thrive and make our community more vibrant for everyone.

Your gift to a CAF made between January and May will be distributed through the Victoria Foundation’s Community Grants Program. See a complete list of Community Action Fund grant recipients from 2023. Outside of this period, your gift will be distributed through one of the Foundation’s other equitable granting initiatives.

In 2023, the Arts and Culture Fund granted to 7 organizations for a total of $16,695.
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Read the stories below to see the impact donors have on organizations in our community!

Donor Spotlight

Donors who give to the Arts and Culture Fund want to help ensure the stage is set for all kinds of artists, performance events, and cultural groups to thrive. “I believe strongly in supporting my community, and its outstanding cultural organizations,” says an anonymous donor. “My gift will help to ensure that Victoria audiences will continue to benefit from world-class musical and arts performances” by being pooled with other gifts, then granted strategically to many organizations with the greatest need.

Another donor says they admire the Victoria Foundation’s track record of helping donors make a difference in their community. They donated to the fund because they feel the local arts and cultural sectors could always use more support.

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Impact Spotlight

The Bayanihan Cultural and Housing Society is just one of many arts and culture organizations that have benefited from generous donations to the Arts and Culture Fund. In 2023, the society received a grant for staff and operations at the Bayanihan Community Centre – a space where the community comes together to celebrate Filipino art, culture and food in Greater Victoria.

Treasurer Leila Pires says after the COVID-19 pandemic made it impossible for volunteers to maintain the Centre, grant funding has been “exactly what we [need] to staff the Centre so we have consistency, regularity, and […] progress,” adding that the funding has since helped bring the community back together to experience everything the Centre has to offer.

You are welcome to speak with our team at any time to learn more about our Community Action Funds and how you can make an impact.

The Arts and Culture Fund supports a wide variety of organizations such as theatres, museums, galleries, dance companies, choirs and more.

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