Another year of smart and caring community work

Highlights from the 2011 annual report  of the Victoria Foundation

The year 2011 marked the 75th anniversary of our community foundation. It was a year of celebration and activity and also a time for reflection. The process of reviewing our mission, values and operational activities reaffirmed for us the ongoing relevance and importance of the concept of long-term philanthropy.

Now in our 76th year, we are building on our successes over the past decades. One example is our accreditation  through Imagine Canada’s new standards program. We are proud to be one of the first Canadian charities to receive this accreditation as it demonstrates our commitment to the highest standards of governance, ethics, management and transparency.

We are also proud of our new partnership with Governor General David Johnston as we respond to his call to Canada’s community foundations to help shape smart and caring communities.  The initial focus of our new Smart and Caring Community Fund will be physical literacy – giving young children physical skills and confidence that will establish a foundation for lifelong health and well-being. (Look for the official launch of this program at our annual Vital-a-Tea June 19, with donors and the President of Community Foundations of Canada, Ian Bird!)

The “smart and caring” concept also describes our foundation’s approach to managing and deploying our assets. We are gratified to have realized a 10-year average of 5.9% on our investment returns and to have disbursed just over $10 million in grants in 2011 – bringing to $108 million the total number of grants distributed in our giving history.

We continue to explore ways to make our assets work smarter and we salute the wide range of smart and caring people it takes to operate a successful community foundation. These include our Board of Directors, committee members, Honorary Governors, community advisors, staff members and all our donors and supporters.

Working with you, the Victoria Foundation enacts our shared vision to make our community stronger by connecting people who care with causes that matter®. It is a vision as relevant today as it was when the foundation was created in 1936 – and as it will be in years to come. That is our history, our legacy, our future.

Deirdre Roberts, Chair, Board of Directors, the Victoria Foundation
Sandra Richardson, Chief Executive Officer, the Victoria Foundation

Read the Victoria Foundation’s 2011 annual report  online or request a print copy by emailing with your mailing address.