Anawim House Ready to Welcome At-Risk Women in New Home

New secured housing facility was finalized with support from Aryze Developments, the Carole and Clint Forster Foundation at the Victoria Foundation and numerous individual donors


LEKWUNGEN TERRITORY/VICTORIA BC, April 25th – Anawim Companion Society has completed the construction of new Stage 2 Housing for at-risk women in Victoria. The 4,500-square-foot, two-storey home is a secure women-only accessible facility, made possible by an anonymous supporter who donated her property, the Carole and Clint Forster Foundation at the Victoria Foundation, Aryze Developments and numerous community partners and local businesses.  

The Women’s House will function similarly to Anawim’s Men’s House in using the ‘Family Model’, which emphasizes everyone’s responsibility to contribute equally for a healthy, productive living environment; the same expectations you would have of your own family.

“We sincerely thank all our donors, supporters, individuals and organizations that have helped us complete construction of this beautiful home,” said Sieuwke Stoppel, the Director of Women’s Services at Anawim Companion Society. “This project is a true reflection of the beautiful things that can happen when community comes together for a common goal. As we work on our new program delivery model over the coming months, we will carry forward the generosity and extraordinary community efforts that have brought us to this magnificent milestone.”

The new residence was a special project built by the developer and urban planner Aryze, and it was coordinated by a woman constructor on their team, Michelle Griffin, construction project manager. It features seven bedrooms, including a wheelchair-accessible unit, shared bathrooms, a communal kitchen and living spaces. “As homebuilders, we have a responsibility to provide diverse housing solutions for all citizens,” says a Principal of Aryze Developments, Luke Mari. “We are honoured to collaborate and support local non-profits like Anawim to build safe places for our community to call home.”

The new residence for women received support from the City of Victoria Housing Reserve Fund, the Carole and Clint Forster Foundation at the Victoria Foundation, and individual donors.  

“I am proud funding from the Carole and Clint Forster Foundation, a fund held by the Victoria Foundation, is supporting Anawim Companion Society’s new transition house for women,” said Sandra Richardson, Victoria Foundation CEO. “Thank you to all of the partners that recognized the importance of this project to strengthen community well-being.”

In 2020, the Greater Victoria Point-In-Time Homeless Count & Needs Survey reported 487 homeless women in the city; of those, 243 were in transitional housing, a hotel or someone else’s home. 

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About Anawim Companions Society  

Anawim’s mission statement has always been to help those who want to be helped. Anawim is a substance-free facility that provides for those basic needs and security to which every individual is entitled. What the Society offers, above all, is a home people can come to and feel safe and cared for, while being a part of something bigger. By building a trusting relationship with the person and setting them up with personalized supports, Anawim believes in setting the person up for success.

About Aryze Developments  

Aryze is an integrated home building, development and urban planning team committed to increasing the quality of homes and communities in Victoria, BC. With a focus on innovation across a full spectrum of housing types, Aryze’s projects include creative urban infill developments built in established neighbourhoods you already know and love, homes constructed in partnership with some of Canada’s most acclaimed architects and partnerships with non-profits. With nearly two decades of home building experience—and more than a dozen awards to their name—Aryze looks to deliver homes that are attainable to more people in their journey along the housing continuum.

Members from the Victoria Foundation, City of Victoria, Anawim Companion Society and Aryze Developments plant sage to mark the completion of the house