$100,000 Awarded for Adoption and Permanency Projects

VICTORIA–The Adoption and Permanency Fund of BC has granted a total of $100,000 for five projects this year in support of adoption and permanency in British Columbia, including youth housing supports, respite services, camps for children and their foster parents and more.

“These newly-funded projects align so well with the work we’re doing with Indigenous partners in the community,” says Katrine Conroy, Minister of Children and Family Development. “We know children and youth thrive when they remain connected to family, culture and community and that’s why, in addition to adoption and providing more supports for youth past the age of 19, our focus has shifted to permanent guardianship arrangements that see extended family, community and friends step in to care for children and youth.”

The independent Adoption and Permanency Fund of BC was established in 2003 by the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) to help British Columbia’s children and youth awaiting adoption and/or other permanent connections. Since inception, it has granted over $1.5M for more than 200 different projects across the province.

As of December 2019, Ministry of Children and Family Development reported there were over 600 children and youth in B.C. waiting for a permanent family.

“The Metis Commission for Children and Families of BC is pleased to receive a generous grant from the Adoption and Permanency Fund,” said Sheri Wildman, CEO of the organization. “The grant will assist with the Commission’s Gathering the Circle Project for Metis children and youth in foster care. The project will welcome Metis Elders, families, kinship networks and communities to be involved in permanency planning for every Metis child and youth in foster care.”

2020 Grant Recipients

  • Aunt Leah’s Independent Lifeskills Society: $10,000 to recruit landlords, connect tenants, and increase housing options for youth and families formerly in-care.
  • Carrier Sekani Family Services: $20,000 to organize and convene recreational and cultural camps for children and foster parents.
  • Home for Every Child Adoption Society: $20,000 to provide respite opportunities for adoptive and foster parents and develop an expanded data base of qualified respite providers.
  • Lalum’utul’ Smun’eem Child and Family Services: $25,000 to host an Elder-Youth Forum for the sharing of teachings on the four domains of permanency – cultural, relational, physical and legal.
  • Metis Commission for Children and Families of BC: $25,000 to share information about Metis children in foster care seeking permanency and to identify Metis families willing to consider adoption.

The Chair of the Fund, David Cameron, commented … “Over the last few years the Advisory Committee has been delighted to see an increase in the number of applications received from Indigenous organizations. We note with pleasure that this year three out of the five approved grants are going to initiatives that support Indigenous children and families.  We are proud to support the work of these exceptional organizations and look forward to seeing what project proposals they will bring us in the years to come.”


The Adoption and Permanency Fund of BC is administered by the Victoria Foundation under the guidance of a nine-person advisory committee appointed by the Adoption Council of Canada. Committee members promote the fund’s availability, evaluate applications and make granting recommendations.

The Ministry of Children and Family Development asked the Victoria Foundation to manage the Fund because of the Foundation’s proven granting experience, administrative capabilities and prudent financial investment policy.

Founded in 1936, the Victoria Foundation is Canada’s second-oldest community foundation. To date, it has invested over $243M in people, projects and non-profit organizations that strengthen the community.

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