100+ Women Who Care support Kamp for Kids

In December, the Victoria Foundation was selected as the recipient of 100+ Women Who Care Saanich Peninsula with a total gift of $19,200 which will be used to support one of the funds that is held at the Foundation, Kamp for Kids Fund.  The concept of 100+ Women Who Care is that they have a one-hour meeting four times a year. The members are all women who socialize with each other and donate $100 at each meeting. At each meeting three charities nominated by the members are randomly drawn. The women who nominated the three selected charities are able to speak for 5 minutes about why their chosen charity should win. All of the members then vote for one of the nominated charities and the charity with the most votes wins.

A huge thank you to Roberta Williston who nominated the Victoria Foundation to support the Kamp for Kids Fund. Kamps for Kids Fund is a donor advised permanent fund established by the Williston family and held at the Victoria Foundation. This great fund was established in 2014 as a path to support children from lower income families with children 7-12 years of age to attend a full week of overnight summer camp. Preference is given to families living on the Saanich Peninsula but all applications are considered.

This experience can be a life-changing gift, giving them the opportunity to live away from home, possibly for the first time, being in a cabin with other peers and loaded with fun and activities. These children also learn confidence and independence. Families choose the camp they wish their child to attend, generally Camp Pringle, but any registered charity camp is considered.

To learn about Kamp for Kids Fund and how to apply to attend a camp, please visit www.kampsforkids.org or by email at kampsforkids@gmail.com.

Many thanks again to 100+ Women Who Care Saanich Peninsula.